Dental implants are root replacements for missing teeth. They are placed in bone and fuse to it forming solid foundations for single or even complete arch reconstruction. Results from a dental Implant procedure are amazing because they look, feel & function like real teeth!

Who Can Use Dental Implants?

Anyone who has lost a tooth can benefit from this 96% successful procedure. If many teeth are removed excessive bone recession can lead to an aged appearance as the face sinks & lip and cheek support withers away.

Dental Implants can restore health , preserve bone & prevent premature aging.

Why Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

Bone grafting is recommended to prevent collapse of the bone surrounding a tooth when it is removed. Without support, 50-65% of a tooth socket disappears at the time a tooth is removed.

There are 2 other important reasons to use the techniques necessary to replace bone . The first is to ensure tooth replacement will succeed providing strong anchors for implants or dentures. The second reason is to keep the appearance of the area from looking unnatural. When bone collapses, dark shadows can appear which give a sunken look to the covering gum tissue.

Bone is the foundation for any kind of restorative dental treatment and preserving the rest of your teeth.

Inadequate bone width

Bone added

Implant placed within proper amount of bone