From fillings to implants, we provide all of the most advanced services to keep your teeth healthy, comfortable & stable. Together, we can achieve the smile you desire 


If you are in need of a filling, we offer white or tooth-colored fillings that will allow you to keep a beautiful smile while protecting your teeth. Using advanced techniques, we provide your filling while avoiding any discomfort to you.


Certain circumstances, (where fillings are not strong enough but crowns are excessive), may require higher strength yet more conservative answers. This third option for tooth damage will allow you to maintain a healthy smile while repairing the affected tooth.


If your teeth are in need of extra support, a crown may be necessary to achieve the appropriate stability. We provide this service while keeping you comfortable so you don’t feel a thing.


If you have a missing tooth, this may be the right option to replace it. Bridges are non- removable and can add beauty , comfort and stability to your smile for 10-15 years.

Implant Restoration

If you have a tooth missing, an implant restoration may be recommended. We will prepare your mouth for a new tooth allowing you to achieve your ideal smile.

Root Canal Therapy

This treatment can remove deep infection which often causes considerable discomfort and also carries far reaching health risks if ignored. We use the latest techniques to completely eliminate all infections & restore the tooth to function & comfort. All the while,  you can be assured of a completely comfortable experience. 

Occlusal Guards

Many people grind their teeth, causing breakage , wear and costly damage to their teeth and joints(TMJ). An OG will help protect your smile and joints from long term problems. We will fit your guard so you will have optimal comfort for superior support. 

Partial Dentures

This is a removable appliance that can reasonably restore beauty, function & stability when multiple teeth are missing and cost is a primary concern.