As part of our effort to provide the best care possible, we will give you a complete, thorough examination. This will ensure that we can recommend the appropriate treatment options for your health & oral needs. We want you to achieve your desired ideal smile.

TMJ Exam

TMJ is a difficult condition for anyone to deal with. If you are showing signs of TMJ, we will give you a full examination to relieve you of these problems and ensure you receive the appropriate treatment while providing you the comfort you desire.

Oral Cancer Exams

The best way to avoid serious conditions is to identify the problem while it is still easily treatable. We routinely perform oral cancer examinations to ensure that you do not show any signs of the condition, ensuring your oral health.

Digital X-Rays Including a CBCT Scanner

The use of 3 dimensional radiography enables proper diagnosis and accurate treatment planning. When we place an implant it will be as if we are providing robotic surgery.