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Patient Testimonials

Good morning Nancy, Sabra and crew,
I had my bite adjustment yesterday and simply put I felt compelled to tell you that I have seen an immediate and positive effect of this procedure. I don't usually understand most of what your talking about, especially about this part, but I'm glad I put my trust in your yours hands Nancy. I actually even felt like I slept better, so I am excited to see as time passes what other differences this will make on me, but so far it has been rather nice.

My smile has always been important to me. I have always believed that a smile is a special gift that can be used to bless others. It is a small simple act of kindness that can have a profound impact on people's lives. If a smile is a gift we give to each other, then I want mine to be as beautiful as beautiful as I can afford.

Entrusting someone with your smile is a serious matter. I researched many dentists and found Dr. Horton to be one of the best in her field. I would like to share a few factors that influenced my decision to entrust my smile with Dr. Horton.
Her office is immaculate.

  1. She invests in the most updated equipment.
  2. She pays for hundreds of hours of continuing education classes for herself and staff.
  3. She takes professional time with you, explaining the details involved in your dental work.
  4. She stands behind her work.
  5. She is able to perform all levels of dentistry. I am not sent all over town for work that can be done in one visit.
  6. She has small petite hands, which make it easier for her to work more efficiently in a mouth that is also small and petite.
  7. She follows-up on preventative care.
  8. Her pricing is competitive and fair.
  9. She has a solid reputation and her work speaks for itself.

I have always had a fear of dentistry, not just limited to office visits, but also the permanent results that can occur from poor dentistry. Dr. Horton in a perfectionist in her work. I would not entrust my mouth with any other.

Myrna Haag

Dear Dr. Horton and Staff,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the care of my teeth. Prior to becoming a patient of yours, I had not been to the Dentist in longer than I would care to admit! I appreciate the straightforward and systematic plan you laid out for the various repairs that my teeth would require as well as the reasonable timetable for accomplishing these repairs.
Prior to becoming a patient, I was not unhappy with my smile, but I knew my teeth would require quite a bit of work. I am very happy with the results thus far, and I am much happier knowing my teeth are getting the attention they need.
Please keep up the good work and thank you once again for your efforts on my behalf!

John West

Dear Dr. Horton,

This is my personal tribute to a most rewarding experience over the past three years as a patient of Dr. Horton and her dedicated staff.

Truthfully, I never gave much thought to the overall condition of my teeth. It was not until an existing crown was lost and I needed help!! It was most fortunate I found the right dentist at that time. She SAVED the tooth and has become my tooth fairy. You will have to see the before and after pictures of my teeth to truly appreciate the work that has been accomplished. I have teeth now that I had when I was in my twenties and that is delightful (I could co on and on with the adjectives). The smile is unbelievable and without a doubt I have the #1 teeth created by Dr. Horton. She is the artist!

I still have the front bottom teeth yet to be done. I have found the only dentist for the job. Dr. Horton thank you for caring, your integrity and your patience with each visit and I look forward to my future visits with you. A thank you is truly insignificant.

Warm regards,

To whom it may concern,

The professional referral to Dr. Nancy Horton, DMD changed my life forever. I was a frustrated patient who had been in severe pain for quite some time wearing a brand new smile. I had spent six months prior seeking professional advice from various health care professionals in hopes of identifying and treating the symptoms. I was unsuccessful at every turn until I found Dr. Nancy Horton, DMD. Dr. Horton diagnosed my problem in the first visit! We began treatments and within six months I was pain free and resuming my active lifestyle not to mention a brand new radiant smile that lights a room. My smile is often times how I am remembered.

We tend to underestimate the value of healthy beautiful teeth. My teeth and my smile are just as important to me as the shoes on my feet. I am a proud patient of Dr. Nancy Horton and would recommend her to anyone.

Martha E. Sassone
Chief Financial Officer

It is apparent from the moment you enter Dr. Horton's office that you are going to experience a different kind of dental care. None of us enjoy going to the dentist but this office is so welcoming and the staff so highly skilled that you immediately feel at ease. Smiling faces and a calm, relaxing atmosphere, help to make your visit as pleasant as possible. I was lucky to find Dr. Horton and begin to make some necessary changes with my teeth. I had never felt there was any problem with the way they looked as we all grow accustomed to our looks. But now that I see the marvelous results, I realize what a major difference is had made. People comment on how good I look but can't quite figure out why. Straighter, brighter full teeth definitely give one a more youthful look! I want to thank Dr. Horton for taking time to come up with a comprehensive plan and doing her best to insure that I was satisfied with the results. She along with her highly qualified team, deserves praise for doing a great job!

Patricia Nickelson

Dr. Horton,

What an incredible BLESSING you were to me last week. Thank you so very much for giving me your time, your energy, and your amazing talent in my time of need last week. I have never felt better cared for during my entire dental lifeā€¦ and its been a long one! Although I was a complete and even transient stranger I felt your deep care and concern for me all the way from my tooth to my heart. Sincerely, thank you for being such a wonderful person and an incredible dentist. Are you sure you don't want to move your practice to Northern California!

Mary Beth Bash